Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Live and Let Die - Wings, GnR


G Bm C D7
When you were young, and your heart was an open book

G Bm C
You used to say live and let live

C/D Cm G
(you know you did you know you did you know you did)

G Bm C A
But if this ever changing world in which we're livin makes you

D Bb G C/G Gdim G7
Give in and cry...... Say Live and Let Die

Live and let die

Riff A


C9 G7
What does it matter to ya, when you've got a job to do

You gotta do it well

Em F
You gotta give the other fellow hell

Riff A

Live and Let Die.
Recorded by Wings
Words/music P. McCartney

Transcription by Ric Kelly